Music in the soul is happiness for all

The Moran Choirs organization was established by Mrs. Naomi Faran in 1986. The Moran Choirs includes 6 choirs, with around 200 singers aging from 5 - 60.

Naomi Faran - Conductor and Musical Director

Naomi Faran

Mrs. Faran is the founder of the Moran Choirs and has been its conductor since 1986. She is a graduate of The Buchmann-Mehta School
of Music, Tel Aviv University.

Mrs. Faran is frequently invited to judge in prestigious competitions and was awarded Outstanding Conductor prize at the first International Choir Competition in Israel.

Mrs. Faran has given advanced conducting master classes in Israel, as well as at International symposiums in Slovenia, Denmark, Hong-Kong, China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, and more.

Her vision is expressed through successful results. Five generations of choirs ages 6-60 are educated with choral music; two of them have gained international recognition as professionals.

Her vision is also manifested in innovative projects that combine musical excellence with community involvement, believing in the power of music.

Each choir is involved in the community. The singing becomes a mean to create enjoyment and a feeling of equality among populations with special needs.

This special model was presented at conferences and symposiums around the world.

The Moran Youth Choir

The Moran Youth Choir includes 45 young singers ages 12-18 and is based in Israel.

During its three decades of activity, the Moran Youth Choir has made enormous musical and educational achievements.

The choir won several competitions, participated in international festivals, sang with leading orchestras and performed original compositions of the best Israeli composers.

The choir repertoire includes classical choral music as well as Israeli traditional Jewish music, original modern Israeli music, and folklore music of diverse local and international ethnic groups.

The choir is regularly featured on the most prominent stages in Israel. Performances include singing with The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion, The Israel Chamber Orchestra, The Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra and more.

The choir is invited to perform at national ceremonies and to represent Israel in International special events such as the Peace Talks – Oslo 1994 and the Presidents Conference - Jerusalem 2008.

World tours included competitions, workshops, festivals, and special events in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Russia, Spain, Slovenia, Scandinavia, South Kore, Bazel, Paris, and more.

Moran Singers Ensemble

Consists of Moran Choir graduates, outstanding musicians, IDF soldiers, as well as students and graduates from various music academies.

The Ensemble's repertoire includes classical choral music as well as Israeli choral music composed by leading composers such as Gil Shohat, Menachem Weisenberg, Haim Permont, Yehezkel Braun, Noam Sivan, Eyal Batt, Zipi Fleisher, and Joseph Bardanashvili.

In recent years, the Ensemble performed with highly recognized music groups such as The Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra, The Rishon LeZion Orecestra, Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble, The Israel Chamber Orchestra, The Jerusalem Camerata Orchestra, and The Israeli Opera.

The Moran Singers Ensemble participated in choral competitions and international festivals such as: The Bach Festival in Eugene-Orego , a Liturgical Music Festival in Germany, the Vox Pacis (The Voice of Peace) Festival in Stockholm-Sweden, the "Musica Sacra" Festival in Germany and in the International Choral Festival in Argentina, and the Zemplen Festival in Hungary.

Cecilia Ensemble 8 Voices

Cecilia Ensemble 8 Voices is a new ensemble from the Moran Choirs group, comprised of eight outstanding solo vocalists from Israel.

The Cecilia Ensemble, was founded by Naomi Faran to become the professional representative ensemble, performing original and unique musical programs, in collaboration with the best composers from Israel and around the globe.

Cecilia Ensemble's repertoire includes pieces from the Renaissance period through modern times, premiers of original Israeli compositions, A cappella singing, and performances with selected instrumental ensembles.

Moran Choirs - Community Outreach

One of Moran Choirs' main goals is to combine musical excellence with community outreach to help underprivileged populations.

The Moran choirs combine outstanding singing into community activities with youth at risk, special needs children, elderly people and pediatric cancer patients at Schneider Children's Hospital.

Singing creates a close, independent connection between the singers. It breaks down barriers and allows friendships to flourish.

Contact Moran Choir

Naomi Faran - musical director: [email protected]
Gonny Ngemba - manager: [email protected]